Check out LeechIt!

Are you one of those guys who likes to keep a lot of stuff stashed away on a server somewhere and need to download like crazy - hog up all the available server bandwidth? Try LeechIt. You download in 10 minutes what you otherwise would have downloaded in a couple of hours. Come one, face it - your measly 1Mbps line is no match for those T1 lines out there.


It works flawlessly. Its a good sign of what PHP is capable of and proof that I've had a wee bit too much free time during college!!!


What about Credits?

Thsi whole code has been taken from one or more places. i really got to thank

Andreas for FileThingie

Vyrus for Rapidleech

Wordpress team for the excellent theme!.

..there are a lot of people I should give credit (people who have had thier code snippets ruthlessly plagiasrized by me ;-)) but the lists is too extensive to cover here.


What technologies have been used in LeechIt?

LeechIt is coded in PHP. No exterbal libraries have been used. The client side code is Javascript. I've used the Prototype AJAX library to make thinhs smoother. I also used JSON to transfer my AJAX data. For those of yo who dont know what JSON is - its a hell of a way to post and retrieve data in AJAX. All the settings, URL's are stored in MySQL.


What are the requirements?

You dont need much to run LeechIt


Can I help?

You sure can!. Please donate a small amount. It'll help me keep my efforts up and let me know that my work hasn't been useles.

Amount in $


Licensing details

LeechIt is currently available for use in all personal or commercial projects under both MIT and GPL licenses. This means that you can choose the license that best suits your project, and use it accordingly.



This is the full source code for jQuery. The code itself is written rather cleanly in an attempt to self-document. If you've spotted some areas of code that could be improved, please feel free to discuss it on the Development mailing list. All input is gladly appreciated!


If you're interested in downloading Plugins developed by jQuery contributors, please visit the Plugins page.

jQuery is provided under the following MIT and GPL licenses.


Go ahead - try it out



LecchIt has an extensive feature/functionality set. Have a look a the list and awe yourself!


Change Log

This a list of features, bugs and stuff of the application.

V 1.10 -- 10th June 2007